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I am a huge fan of the Band Disturbed and I love making web designs as well as graphic designs. I plan to become a graphic/web designer one day. And i have my own site offering web designs at a low price.
Name Skye Draiman
Gender Female
Age 20
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Interested in Men
Status Single
Interests my websites, my space, youtube, haning with friends, sleeping, watching tv
Music disturbed, staind, avenged sevenfold, alter bridge, evanescence, lacuna coil, metalica, akon, eminem, linkin park, kelly clarkson, trapt, 3 doors down, avril lavigne, sevendust, nickleback, puddle of mudd, pod, korn, three days grace, seether, papa roach, britney spears, godsmack, altered, creed
Movies tomb raider, pirates of the caribbean
TV charmed, reba, doctor who, lost, family guy, south park, the simpson's, naruto, legend of the seeker, ghost hunters, ghost hunters international, tom & jerry, ghost whisper, csi miami, csi ny, spongebob
Books any thing by nora roberts
Quotes My own personal quotes ----------------------------------------------------------- "Stop complaining that your boobs are to big or their not big enough. Dont freak out cause you broke your whittle nail. Stop caring that your butt is to big or not big enough. Cause there are so many other people in the world that have nothing. You have every thing you can imagine. You have food, clean water, and more importantly you have money. So many people dont have any of that. They dont have homes, enough food, clean water, and they dont even have money. So start thinking about them, cause you can get surgery to fix your boobs. You can exercise to fix your but. You can go to the nail salon to fix your whittle nail. Cause you can afford it, so many people in 3rd world centuries or homeless people all around the world cant." ----------------------------------------------------------- "If you want some thing done a certain way. Then get up of ya lazy ass and do it ya self. Cause we all do things differently. So don't stand over some one telling them how to do something. Let them do it their way or do it ya self. YA HEAR ME!!! DO IT YOU SELF IF YOU WANT IT DONE A CERTAIN WAY! :P"

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